With the rise of new technology and increased digital capabilities, manufacturers are required to meet quickly evolving standards for safety and functionality. Our experts help you navigate the many requirements for telecoms testing, clearing the way for compliance across global markets.

Telecoms testing is required for thousands of new products every year. As more industries rely on telecoms equipment to provide communication features for a variety of devices, manufacturers of radio and wireless and electronic devices  are subject to standards related to telecoms regulatory testing, in addition to more traditional equipment. Element’s team of telecoms experts can assist in identifying what testing is required to keep your products compliant.

Our expertise in telecoms regulatory testing is established around the world. In addition to carrying UKAS accreditation to BS EN ISO 17025:2005, we are a Telecommunications Certification Body (TCB) in the US, a Conformity Assessment Body in Japan (CAB), and have a team of global approvals experts with experience in certifications across the globe. 

We can also combine telecoms testing with EMC, safety testing, environmental testing and other services to create a comprehensive product testing plan. Leveraging our global platform of state-of-the-art labs, we are your partner for third-party, single-source qualification testing.


Telecoms Acoustic Testing

As a world-leading provider of telecoms testing, Element provides a comprehensive range of acoustic performance tests that cover both global regulatory and custom testing for voice quality.?


Telecoms Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Testing

Element provides VoIP manufacturers with telecoms regulatory testing, as well as non-regulatory product evaluations.


NEBS Testing

A leader in telecommunications testing, Element provides complete NEBS testing services for products in central office, data center, and outdoor locations.


CATV Broadband and Satellite Testing

From the headend to home, Element is a preferred telecom testing laboratory for CATV/satellite equipment, including coaxial, wireless, Ethernet or fiber optic transmission products.

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